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Food, fantasy, and Indonesia…

24 Jan 2017 [Art, Children’s, Events]

Last year, as part of the festivities for NBDCS' literary festival for children's books, the Asian Festival of Children's Content, we brought back our popular online illustration contest, the afccSKETCH, to encourage both budding and established illustrators...

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Creating picture book stories in Japan

10 Jan 2017 [Art, Books, Projects, Travel]

What happens when you bring together 23 artistic students from Singapore and some very curious high school students from Japan to create a picture book?  Singapore students from art and design schools, together with Hakuba High school students, outside Hakuba...

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Designing books is no laughing matter

20 Jun 2012 [Art]

In the modern world of advertising and branding, packaging is (almost) everything. Needless to say, that applies to book covers too. A book cover is the packaging of the product – the book, and a good cover adds an oomph...

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