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Food, fantasy, and Indonesia…

24 Jan 2017 [Art, Children’s, Events]

Last year, as part of the festivities for NBDCS' literary festival for children's books, the Asian Festival of Children's Content, we brought back our popular online illustration contest, the afccSKETCH, to encourage both budding and established illustrators...

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AFCC 2014 Roundup!

9 Jun 2014 [Children’s, Literacy, Travel]

The 2014 Asian Festival of Children's Content may be over, but there are a bevy of blogs, testimonials, and photographs still to be read, consumed, and enjoyed! We've trawled the interwebs to bring you some AFCC 2014 experiences and recollections...

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Duelling Illustrators @ AFCC 2014!

25 Apr 2014 [Children’s, Interviews]

At this year's first of three Duelling Illustrators events, children's book illustrators James "The Mayhem" Mayhew and "Devastating" Dave Liew will draw scenes from an unpublished children's book manuscript at the same time while everybody else watches...

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