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Duelling Illustrators @ AFCC 2014!

25 Apr 2014 [Children’s, Interviews]

At this year's first of three Duelling Illustrators events, children's book illustrators James "The Mayhem" Mayhew and "Devastating" Dave Liew will draw scenes from an unpublished children's book manuscript at the same time while everybody else watches...

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Interview with Emily Lim

24 Jan 2014 [Children’s, Interviews]

Emily Lim was interviewed by David Seow for this blog. Emily and David were featured together with David Almond and John Dougherty, on a panel of children's authors  at the Singapore Writers Festival in 2012. Dave: Emily, you...

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Quick Chat with Catherine Carvell

14 Jan 2014 [Interviews]

Five quick questions for Catherine Carvell, author of Darcy Moon and the Deep Fried Frogs. Q. Which is your favourite book that you read as a child? A. I read so many books when I was a child but my...

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Quick Chat with David Seow

12 Dec 2013 [Interviews]

Five quick questions for David Seow, author of the Sam, Sebbi, and Di-Di-Di series, Emma's Elephant, and the forthcoming A Day with the Duchess. Q. Which is your favourite book that you read as a child? A. Danny the...

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