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Creating picture book stories in Japan

10 Jan 2017 [Art, Books, Projects, Travel]

What happens when you bring together 23 artistic students from Singapore and some very curious high school students from Japan to create a picture book?  Singapore students from art and design schools, together with Hakuba High school students, outside Hakuba...

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AFCC 2014 Roundup!

9 Jun 2014 [Children’s, Literacy, Travel]

The 2014 Asian Festival of Children's Content may be over, but there are a bevy of blogs, testimonials, and photographs still to be read, consumed, and enjoyed! We've trawled the interwebs to bring you some AFCC 2014 experiences and recollections...

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Book Industry April Fool’s Pranks

2 Apr 2014 [Travel]

April 1st has long been a day in which we've all needed to watch ourselves, whether we have annoying siblings, overzealous colleagues, or just slightly naive sensibilities while rummaging through the Internet. Once in a while, however, these April...

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Excellent Bookstores Around the World

28 Mar 2014 [Travel]

In our search for more excellent literary arts spaces, we went looking for the greatest bookstores in the world. Like our library post from last week, we found a great many lists featuring the greatest bookstores in the world....

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