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Academy of Literary Arts & Publishing

Academy of Literary Arts & Publishing

The Academy of Literary Arts and Publishing Singapore offers quality training in skills upgrading for the publishing and literary arts sector.

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Singapore International Storytelling Festival

Singapore International Storytelling Festival

1st - 9th September - Translations: Storytelling from the Word to the Voice

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The Book Council
is a non-profit, charitable organisation committed to addressing the needs of writers, publishers, storytellers, book suppliers, libraries as well as the reading & literary communities.

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2014 AFCC: Indian Focus by John McKenzie [Jul 1]

Leading academic in the field of children's literature in New Zealand, John McKenzie attended the 2014 Asian Festival of Children's Content with the goal in mind to take part in as many Country of Focus panels as possible. These are his thoughts.   One of the strengths of the... Details

AFCC 2014 Roundup! [Jun 9]

The 2014 Asian Festival of Children's Content may be over, but there are a bevy of blogs, testimonials, and photographs still to be read, consumed, and enjoyed! We've trawled the interwebs to bring you some AFCC 2014 experiences and recollections from speakers, delegates, bloggers, students, volunteers, and even an Executive... Details

Asian Festival of Children’s Content 2014 Press Conference [Apr 29]

If you weren't able to make it to the AFCC 2014 Press Conference last Thursday, have no fear! We took a lot of photographs! It'll be like you were right there! Enjoy! ​ Details

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[Jul 26]

If you are working with children (aged 6-10 years) with dyslexia and reading-related difficulties, learn how to improve their skills in approaching reading comprehension passages. Website

[Aug 1]

Learn to obtain and hold the attention of the audience you are reading to.Improve your vocal tone, clarity, pausing, emphasis and rhythm through the practical exercises conducted in this workshop. Website

[Aug 2]

How to create your characters appear like living, breathing 3-D persons that speak naturally. Website

[Aug 16]

How to use storytelling to impart positive values and foster the emotional and social development of children Website

[Aug 23]

A workshop for adults who think they can’t draw or who would like to explore different media to illustrate stories. You will experiment with collage and reflect on the importance of consistence of visual traits to guide your reader. Website


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