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Literary Resources

Literary Resources

One-stop service and networking centre for the literary community.

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Academy of Literary Arts & Publishing

Academy of Literary Arts & Publishing

The Academy of Literary Arts and Publishing Singapore offers quality training in skills upgrading for the publishing and literary arts sector.

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Asian Festival of Children’s Content 2015

Asian Festival of Children’s Content 2015

The 2015 Asian Festival of Children's Content is coming 30 May — 6 June.

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International Read Comics in Public Day! [Aug 28]

We at the Book Council love reading in public, and we love it when a day is dedicated to reading in public. Luckily for us, today, the 28th of August, is International Read Comics in Public Day, so we totally did that!   Our six readers answered three questions about... Details

Launch of the Tamil Heritage Collection [Aug 26]

You can now easily access archives of 50 years of local Tamil literature - ranging from published novels to poems to short stories - in public libraries and on NLB's BooksSGportal! In commemoration of SG50, a collection of 350 Tamil literary works of Singapore from 1965 to 2015 has been digitised... Details

Birds: An Annotated Bibliography – Call for Recommendations [Aug 25]

Calling for recommendations for bird-themed picture books for the 2016 AFCC annotated bibliography! Details

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[Sep 8]

This workshop for children aged 10 -15 will help them learn about Memoir Poetry and acquire the necessary tools and techniques for writing in a more literary style. Website

[Sep 19]

Through hands-on exercises of writing, participants will be able to familiarise themselves with a range of writing styles and techniques spanning from T S Eliot to Maya Angelou Website

[Sep 26]

This workshop is ideal for writers and illustrators who want to understand how to develop plot and language to create an unforgettable story for young readers aged 0 to 6. Website

[Oct 3 – 10]

Some core speechwriting skills explored in this workshop include persuasion, audience engagement, rhythm, and effective editing. Website

[Oct 15]

A masterclass on some of the great techniques that great writers have used to recraft and finesse their work. Website

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