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Jan 24, 2015


Private Residence
Twilight Tales #1 – Meira Chand

Twilight Tales #1 – Meira Chand

Thank you for the overwhelming response for Twilight Tales!

On 24 January 2015, approximately 50 guests turned up for Twilight Tales, an all-new literary arts initiative by NBDCS.

The inaugural session, which was held at Ceylon Road, featured guest writer Meira Chand, bestselling author of eight novels including A Different Sky and House of the Sun.  During Twilight Tales, she spoke and shared insights on her works and her creative writing process. Guests, who included writers/authors, reading enthusiasts and members of the public, were invited to chat with her and mingle with each other.

Joanne Lim, author of the prize-winning non-fiction book The Leader, The Teacher & You,  helped to moderate the session. 

The host, Vemala Raja, served refreshments, and the setting was informal and cosy. 

Held and hosted by friends in their homes, each Twilight Tales session will feature well-known writers and/or story-weavers. Through Twilight Tales, we hope to encourage more people to join us in discovering the wonders and joy of stories, and to also expose them to the expertise of professionals. It is NBDCS' small but targeted attempt to partner our fellow professionals, and to grow our audience for the literary arts.