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Experiences & Experiments is a publisher of books written by 8 to 18 year olds, anchored on creative education pedagogy, as well as a publisher of books written by 19 to 90 year olds, anchored on creative education andragogy. 

Writer, Publisher

I write children's nursery rhymes and poetry, children's songs, and educational texts. I also write greeting cards for all occasions.

I have publizhed Alphabetic Rhymes, a rhyming ABC book for children.


Pan Asia is a publisher of English, Chinese, and bilingual English-Chinese children's illustrated story books and educational books.

Writer, Translator

The terminology of science, technology, medical, pharmaceutical, humanities normally available only in English had been conversant to me to express them in Tamil for the past 33 Years in my Tamil Nadu Government Service. This has prompted me to enter into the interested freelance translator / writer field.  I'm confident that I can render a perfect and simple translation from English to Tamil and vice versa.


Van Wangye Shiming is a self-taught wildlife illustrator. He graduated from Nanyang Acedemy of Fine Arts, Singapore, where he majored in publishing and illustration. He's been in the creative industry since 2000.

He has illustrated mainly for science, conservation and educational publications, including Sea Shepherd, Ocean Geographic, Asian Geographic, WWF Thailand, Mekong Turtle Conservation Center, and The Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (ACRES), to name a few. He is also a member of Nature Society Singapore and a commitee member of Wildlife Art Society Singapore.