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Types of Published Books: Gemstones, Jewelry, Fashion & Design, Art and Management

English,Others,Fiction,Young Adul

Stephanie Charamnac has worked for major book publishers in New York and London, including Scholastic and Macmillan. She provides a range of editorial services in both English and French, from structural editing to proofreading. Stephanie specializes in editing fiction, with a particular focus on YA fiction.


A mother of 3 teenage girls, aged 17, 16 and 12.  An experienced early childhood educator.  Won a merit award in the Mother Tongue Pre School Malay Language Teacher Award year 2014.  The only Singaporean writer involved in ‘Project 100 buku’ organized by Karangkraf, Malaysia.

Has since, published 2 children picture books, ‘Mana Ulat?’ and ‘Aduh! Sakitnya’

English,Others,Fiction,Non-fiction,Poetry,Children’s,Young Adult,Magazine

I am the CEO of Bookworm Translations and have spent the last 10 years translating various marketing and literary texts such as: books, brochures, websites, blogs, newsletters, art descriptions and loan agreements.  My agency also has over 1,000 freelance translators who speak over 50 languages. I have a Masters in Translation & Interpreting and a Diploma in Translation from the Institute of Linguists.

English,Others,Fiction,Non-fiction,Children’s,Young Adul

I work with some International Publishing Houses, such as Usborne Publishing, Moses Verlag, AD Publishing Services, Kidslabel Japan, Steiner Korea, Glenndoman Korea, Scholastic, etc. Since 1989 I have collaborated with some great Advertising Agencies and I have done illustrations for national and international advertising campaigns on behalf of customers such as Citroen, Zurigo Assurances, IP, Cirio, Eldammer, Michelin, Sodexo, Plasmon, Bulgari, Triumph and Volvo. In 2001, I opened the School of Illustration in Turin and Milan (Italy). I can work in French and Italian as well.

Editor, Translator

Joanne has honed her craft in the civil service, drafting and proofreading briefs, speeches, press releases and reports for ministers and senior government officials. She is also experienced in freelance content writing, as well as translating from Mandarin and intermediate-Japanese to English.


NUS Press publishes books on Asia-related social science and humanities, with emphasis on Singapore, Southeast Asia, and East Asia.

Writer, Illustrator, Translator

EFL teacher with 8 years of experience. Masters in Applied Linguistics. Published didactic book for children in 2014 Looking for the Perfect Hat. Will focus on more story writing and illustrating in 2015. Fluent in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.