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14 Jan 2014 // Filed under Interviews

Five quick questions for Catherine Carvell, author of Darcy Moon and the Deep Fried Frogs.

Q. Which is your favourite book that you read as a child?

A. I read so many books when I was a child but my favourites were The Secret Garden and The Little Princess, both by Frances Hodgson Burnett. I'm not sure why these books resonated with me so deeply, but I still remember the thrill I felt each night crawling under the covers to read a little bit more.

Q. Which is your favourite book that you read in the last year?

A. Hands down Harry Potter! I'm amazed that it took me this long to pick up a Harry Potter book. But I made up for my slow start by reading six out of the seven books in 2013 and watching all the movies. Big fan!

Q. Which is your favourite book by a Singaporean author?

A. David Seow's hysterical picture book There's Soup on My Fly. The joy and giggles it has brought to my children (who know it off by heart) has been an absolute delight to watch.

Q. What is your favourite word?

A. My favourite word changes constantly depending on the weather, my mood and the pull of the moon. But right now my favourite word is FROG because it is one syllable long and has an OG sound in it. Also it describes a really cool animal that eats flies with its tongue and just thinking about that makes me happy.

Q. If you were exiled to a desert island, and allowed to bring along one book, one movie and one music album with you, which book, movie and music would you bring?

A. This question is impossible to answer. If I were exiled to a desert island I would require full and free access to iTunes ... and an implement for opening coconuts.


Catherine Carvell lives in Singapore with her husband, children and two pet turtles. Sometimes, Catherine talks to the turtles, but thankfully, they don’t talk back. Her first book Darcy Moon and the Deep-Fried Frogs will be published by Fremantle Press in 2014.

Visit Catherine's website and read her blog here.


Teena Raffa-Mulligan wrote on 25 Jan 2014:

Catherine, you reminded me how much I loved The Secret Garden. It really sparked my imagination and even now all these years later I get such a thrill if I discover a surprise flower in a secret place in my own garden., which tends to be a little wild. I still haven’t read Harry Potter but I’ve seen all the movies and thought they were wonderful. Congratulations on your book and thanks for sharing some of your favourite things.

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