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12 Dec 2013 // Filed under Interviews

Five quick questions for David Seow, author of the Sam, Sebbi, and Di-Di-Di series, Emma's Elephant, and the forthcoming A Day with the Duchess.

Q. Which is your favourite book that you read as a child?

A. Danny the Champion of the World by Roald Dahl. I preferred it to Charlie and the Chocolate factory. There's something about poaching pheasants that I've always found fascinating. I've always wanted to try pheasant but to this day I still haven't eaten one. Do you know of any good pheasant restaurants in Singapore?

Q. Which is your favourite book that you read in the last year?

A. The Fault in Our Stars by John Green.

Q. Which is your favourite book by a Singaporean author?

A. I can’t choose one. Aunty Lee's Delights by Ovidia Yu, the Sherlock Sam series by AJ Low, and Emily Lim’s Prince Bear, Pauper Bear.

Q. What is your favourite word?

A. Discombobulated because that seems to be my perpetual state of being.

Q. If you were exiled to a desert island, and allowed to bring along one book, one movie and one music album with you, which book, movie and music would you bring?

A. I'm assuming there would be wi-fi and electricity on this island since I would be able to listen to music and watch a movie. So technically I would be able to download more books, movies and music on my ipad. OK, for my one official book I would bring The Life of Pi to cheer myself up because I would be grateful that at least I wasn't stuck on a lifeboat in the middle of nowhere with a hungry tiger. My movie would be Castaway so I could figure out how to turn a ball into my best friend before finding a way to get off the island. And my music of choice would be PRISM by Katy Perry and I would play ROAR full blast on the stereo so someone could possibly hear it. Hey, this deserted island doesn't sound so bad if it's got electricity and wi-fi. Does it come with an air-conditioned villa, pool and fully stocked fridge?


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