#BuySingLit is an industry-led movement to celebrate stories from Singapore.  Advocating ‘Buy Local, Read Our World’, homegrown book publishers, retailers and literary non-profits have come together to encourage more people to discover and embrace Singapore’s literature.


#BUYSINGLIT 2019 Highlights

It's a wrap! Thank you to everyone for being part of #BuySingLit this year and making it a great success again! Here are some programme highlights from #BSL 2019. We hope to see you all again next year for #BSL2020! 

#BUYsinglit 2019

Welcome to #BuySingLit 2019! #BuySingLit returns bigger and better this year with over 80 programmes across two weekends from 8 – 10 and 15 – 17 March. Join us and experience the ever-expanding SingLit universe, filled with wonderful stories of our shared experience and cultures. Begin your journey here with #BuySingLit to discover the rich literary heritage of Singapore.

Come and be part of the growing community of SingLit lovers. Let’s embrace and celebrate our stories together. Buy local, read our world.

Click here for the programmes on the first weekend.
Click here for the programmes on the second weekend. 

ABOUT #BuySingLit

#BuySingLit is an industry-led movement to celebrate stories from Singapore.  Advocating ‘Buy Local, Read Our World’, homegrown book publishers, retailers and literary non-profits have come together to encourage more people to discover and embrace Singapore’s literature. Through buying and reading local works, you support the writers who bear witness to our lives, as well as the businesses in our community that deliver these stories to us. Most of all, you will experience the profound joy of unravelling the multi-faceted world around you.  

Please visit buysinglit.sg for more information.

#BuySingLit Working Committee

This committee comprises passionate people from the following local book businesses and literary organisations who are working together to champion Singapore literature.

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Books Actually                                         Books Kinokuniya                                                                    Bubbly Books                                      Crimson Earth
Closetful of Books                                                                   Epigram Books Ethos Books Singapore Book Publishers Association     
Landmark Books Lingzi Media Marshall Cavendish International (Asia)                         MPH Group
National Arts Council Singapore Book Council Pansing Distribution Popular Book Co
Pustaka Nasional The Arts House Times Publishing Group Unggun Creative
 City Book Room Sing Lit Station Grassroots Book Room  


#BuySingLit 2018
The movement ran from 9 to 11 March this year, featuring 77 programmes across the island. Close to 41,000 people joined us, taking part in a wide variety of events over three days that included book fairs, performances, authors' talks, writing workshops, exhibitions and more! For more information about  #BuySingLit 2018, please visit buysinglit.sg.

#BuySingLit 2019

Be a part of the #BuySingLit movement as a programme partner, and organise an event to celebrate our Singapore stories.

#BuySingLit grows bigger in 2019, as it will spread across two weekends in March (8 – 10 and 15 – 17 March). To participate in the 2019 edition, submit a proposal for an event through the Open Call. Successful applicants will receive grants for their proposals. Click here to find out more. Submission date extended to 21 September 2018. 

Secretariat: Singapore Book Council

Supported by: National Arts Council


#BuySingLit Grant FAQs

What is #BuySingLit? 

#BuySingLit is an industry-led movement to celebrate stories from Singapore, which advocates ‘Buy Loyal, Read Our World’, home-grown book publishers, retailers and literary non-profits have come together to encourage more people to discover and embrace Singapore’s literature.

Our initiative is to raise the awareness of Singaporean literary titles, writers and literary organisations to the general public as well as to encourage the purchase and reading of Singapore literary works.

In 2019, #BuySingLit will take place over two weekends, i.e. 8 to 10 March and 15 to 17 March.

1 Application and Eligibility

How do I apply for the grant?

Applicants are required to fill in the “Programme Submission Form”, which includes programme proposal, and the “Budget Form” and submit via email to “[email protected]” with the subject: Open Call for Programmes 2019. You are also encouraged to include links to any prior literary projects.

Please visit https://buysinglit.sg/buysinglit-2019-open-call/ for more information.

When must the application form be submitted by?

The application form and budget form must be submitted by 21 September 2018, 2359hrs. Late or incomplete submissions will not be considered.

Can I submit multiple applications?

You may submit more than one application. However, the Secretariat will take into consideration your ability to successfully complete all the proposed programmes submitted in your applications.

#BuySingLit 2019 will take place over two weekends i.e. 8 - 10 March and 15 - 17 March. Does my programme need to be over to weekends as well?

No, you may choose to have your programme to be held over one weekend only, or on both weekends. You will be required to indicate your preferred programme dates on the application form.

Who is eligible for the grant?

Eligible applicants should be one of the following:

How will I be notified of the status of my application?

An email confirmation will be sent to you regarding the outcome of your application.


2 Open Call Programmes

What types of programmes are eligible?

Programmes can be free or ticketed but should be accessible to the general public and not limited to a specific group of people for e.g. registered members of a society.

Programmes may include, but are not limited to author talks, workshops, storytelling showcases, exhibitions and performances, panel discussions, book clubs, pop-up stores, literary meals, book binding and making, cosplay, multi-disciplinary programmes, etc. Book publishing will not be supported under this scheme.

How are the programme proposals assessed?

#BuySingLit is on a lookout for unique programmes or the apt use of non-traditional venues and programmes that would appeal to audiences who are not familiar with SingLit and Singaporean writers. Programme proposals will be evaluated based on a list of assessment criteria, which includes:

Will my marketing proposal be assessed as part of the programme proposal?

Yes, the marketing plan submitted by partners will be included in the assessment of the programme proposal.

What are the different kinds of support I would receive under the open call grant support?

I am interested to have my programme at The Arts House. How do I proceed?

You may email [email protected] by 17 August 2018 with a programme description and budget.

Programmes under Textures are funded separately and follow The Arts House’s guidelines.

Can I have my own book sale at my event?

Partners are encouraged to arrange for the sale of books as part of their event. This can be done in collaboration with a bookseller or by the programme partner.

Will I be able to keep the revenue from sale of tickets to my programme?

All revenue generated from ticketed programmes can be retained by the programme partner.


3 Grant Support

How many levels of grant support are there? What does the grant cover?

There are a total of five levels of grant support: $500, $1,000, $3,000 or $5,000. Grants may be used to defray the costs of venue rental, honorarium for facilitators as well as other manpower costs, technical requirements, and publicity and marketing.

When do I get my grant?

What does venue rental cover?

Venue rental refers to rental of external venues solely for the project, e.g. theatres. Defraying the cost of existing rental being paid by the programme partner does not qualify.

If my programme proposal is approved, will I get the grant amount that I requested?

The grant amount awarded to approved proposals will be dependent on the team’s assessment of the projected budget.

What other criteria is considered when deciding the amount of the grant support?

The offered grant support is also dependent on the type of programme, its scale and relevance to the movement.

Can I apply for other grants? Can I source for other forms of funding?

Yes, the applicant can apply for other sources of support (non-NAC) but it has to be declared on the budget form.


Should you have further queries and concerns, please email to the Secretariat at [email protected].