Open: Singapore Young Writers Lab

All In! Young Writers Festival has been revamped to become Open: Singapore Young Writers Lab, a year-round programme consisting of talks, workshops and mentorships for writers between the ages of 13 and 25. 

Open: Singapore Young Writers Lab

Explore and develop your craft and love for writing at Open: Singapore Young Writers Lab. Organised by the Singapore Book Council, Open is a developmental platform for writers between 13 to 25 years old. Comprising talks, workshops and mentorships, the year-round programme spans across forms, genres and languages. Open focuses on various forms of writing, including creative writing, screenwriting, translation, and books review, and participants will delve into a wide range of genres such as science fiction, speculative fiction, poetry, graphic novels, and creative nonfiction.

Please download the flyer for the March 2019 workshops here.

10-Word Short Story Competition 2019

For three weeks from 4 February 2019, a featured word was announced on the Singapore Book Council Facebook page, and young writers were invited to submit a short story consisting only 10 words, with one of the words being the featured word, throughout each week. This is a selection of the 3 weekly best and 11 runner-up entries to the competition. The 3 featured words were: Family, Open, Time.

programme lineup:

(CANCELLED) Antara Avatar & Arjuna: Merentas Masa & Ruang (Between Avatar & Arjuna: Traversing Time & Space)

This workshop is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. For queries, please contact us at 6342 5119.

Ayuh, siapkan topi aluminum dan sangkar Faraday anda sambil kita merungkai tujuh elemen penting dalam penulisan karya cereka sains! Bengkel selama dua jam ini sesuai untuk para penulis muda dan baharu yang ingin meneroka pelbagai dimensi dalam penghasilan sebuah cerpen fiksyen yang bakal menggugah minda para pembaca anda. Para peserta akan dilengkapi dengan kemahiran membentuk watak utama, merancang kerangka cerita dan menyimpulkan peleraian. Dikendalikan oleh Farihan Bahron, penulis kumpulan cerpen siberpunk, Kesumat Sang Avatar dan pemilik bersama syarikat penerbitan Unggun Creative, juga pemenang Anugerah Pena Emas 2015, Mencari Kristal 2016, Anugerah Harapan 2017 dan Hadiah Sastera Singapura 2018.

Go on, get your tin foil hat and Faraday's cage ready as we unravel the seven vital elements in writing science fiction works! This two-hour workshop is suitable for young and aspiring writers who wish to explore the various dimension of creating a fictional short story that will jolt the mind of your readers. Participants will be equipped with the skills to create the perfect protagonist, plot the story's framework and tying up denouement.

This workshop is led by Farihan Bahron, writer of the cyberpunk short story book, Kesumat Sang Avatar, and co-owner of the publishing outfit Unggun Creative, and will be held in Malay.

Ad Astra Per Verba: Writing your first Science Fiction Story

Turn your idea into a flash fiction story in today's hottest genre.

Science Fiction is one of today's top-selling writing categories. Join Victor Fernando R. Ocampo in this workshop and get the tools you need to turn your Sci-fi ideas into your first flash fiction in this workshop by understanding the importance of science fiction as a genre, learning about building a story structure with character building, tenses, settings and dialogue, and ways of getting your work published.

Introduction to Ecopoetry

Ecopoetry is a sphere of poetry that integrates poetry and advocacy for the protection of nature. Many poets such as Emily Dickinson and Robert Frost often used their poetic craft to advocate for closer ties between humans and the natural world.

In this workshop, participants will learn how poetry can be used as a medium for investigating into ecological issues, and learn to craft their own ecopoems with Cheyenne Alexandria Phillips and Venezia. Participants are required to bring a few poems they have written that deal with ecology. 

An Afternoon of Fun: Writing Flash Fiction and Creative Nonfiction

Do you love observing life? Presented in partnership with online writing platform "Write the World” (, discover the many wonderful ways to write about our lives using creative nonfiction and personal narrative in this workshop led by award-winning author Melissa De Silva, who is Education Ambassador for "Write the World”. Also learn the art of compression with flash fiction, described by writer Tara L. Masih as “a work of art carved on a grain of rice.” Write your own narrative flashes, sometimes no longer than a page, or a sentence or two, inspired by prompts ranging from photographs to objects to lines of poetry.

Have fun learning to write flash fiction and creative nonfiction and join a global community of student writers with free online creative writing platform “Write the World” (, developed at Harvard University.

As the Write the World platform is exclusively for young writers between 13 to 18 years old, this workshop is open to participants between the ages of 13 and 18. 

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Reinterpreting Asian Mythology

Learn how to reinterpret Asian mythology as a method for expressing ideas and analysing issues through poetry and prose with Natalie Wang and Crispin Rodrigues. Be exposed to a plethora of Asian myths as well as poems that reinterpret these myths as a manner of exploring issues of gender, class, race and nationality.
Participants are strongly encouraged to bring an Asian myth to the workshop. This can be in the form of a written text, or as oral history. Participants will then workshop these myths into poems or short prose.

Story Fundamentals: Examining the Raw Elements of Storytelling for Fiction, Screenplays, Graphic Novels and Video Games

Explore the fundamentals of storytelling in all narrative genres, from epic poems to novels, short stories, screenplays, jokes, and video games.

Many people can speak of a story’s beginning, middle and end, but can you distinguish their nature and function? Learn the ingredients and operations of each narrative phase and their transposition into three-act narratives (for page, screen and performance), and discuss the unique challenges of writing for video games. What is a writer’s role in the creation of a game? Is there room in games for engaging stories? What is the balance between telling the player a story and having the player tell their own story? Understand how to take your skills in traditional narrative forms and translate them to new interactive mediums.

Participants will learn to write for an interactive medium, and better understand the challenges of writing games and how to leverage their narrative skills to succeed in the world of video game writing in this workshop led by Dr. Darryl Whetter, the inaugural Programme Leader for the Creative Writing master’s degree at LASALLE Colllege of the Arts and Joel Janisse, Assistant Narrative Director at Ubisoft, Singapore.

write for kindness x open: singapore young writers lab

Always wanted to write and illustrate for pre-schoolers? Form a team of five (Story-writing & Illustration) or two (Poetry-Writing & Illustration) within your school and put your creative and artistic ideas on paper to capture the imagination of young children. This year is special as you can choose to write the story in any of the Mother Tongue languages (i.e. Chinese, Malay, and Tamil) along with the English text. The 2 categories for Write for Kindness 2019 are:
Story-writing & Illustration
Poetry-writing & Illustration

All participating teams are required to attend a half-day workshop to learn the fundamental skills in writing and illustrating for a younger audience, conducted by David Liew, Loh Guan Liang, Minqi, Lianne Ong, Patrick Yee and Linn Shekinah.

For more information on the Write for Kindness workshops, please contact Ms Fairuz Atiqah at [email protected] or call 6761 9123.

Schools attending the Write for Kindess workshops are entitled to a 25% discount on ticketed workshops during Open: Singapore Young Writers Lab. Please email [email protected] or call 6342 5119 for more information.

4 March 2019, Monday

2pm – 6pm
(Story-Writing & Illustration)
2.30pm – 5.30pm
(Poetry-Writing & Illustration)

National Library Building 

words go round programme

Writing Young Adult Fiction (青少年小说创作)


What makes a great young adult novel? How does writing young adult fiction differ from writing for other genres? Find out from celebrated Malaysian author Khor Ewe Pin as he shares techniques on crafting intriguing storylines and believable characters for teen readers.

This session is in Mandarin and is supported by the Singapore Book Council. For more information and to register, click here. 

27 February 2019,  5pm – 7pm

Singapore Book Council Training Room