Let’s Read Together

Let’s Read Together is a reading initiative by NBDCS catered towards children from low-income families. It offers a range of exciting reading, storytelling  and literacy activities to encourage children to see books and reading as fun! Educators and literary professionals are invited as trainers to conduct these fun literacy activities.

If you would like to volunteer, or make a monetary or in-kind donation, please contact [email protected].

Let’s Read Together


Past Sessions
Programmes by NBDCS

18 August 2015

Geylang East Public Library

Let’s Read Together #3

On Tuesday, we met again with the children from Eunos Primary School! This time, they got a chance to further their understanding and skills in poetry and prose.

The Poetry Reading session certainly had their attention, as Dr Myra Garces-Bacsal, blogger and Assistant Professor at the National Institute of Education, read the book Peaceful Pieces: Poems and Quilts about Peace. The children piped, “Ohhhh” and “That’s so sweet!” throughout the session (which in turn, triggered a series of chuckles from the adults around!).

At the Learning with Poems station, Dr Myra grouped the children into pairs. Th children read poems from Joyful Noise: Poems for Two Voices, and made the words come alive with rhyme and rhythm (person who reads the poem with the most expression wins a prize!).

Glitter, glue and gold marked the Prose Exercises station, as Dr Yeo Wei, an independent researcher, writer and translator, led the children in a craft exercise based on a reading of The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. With those colourful self-made pictures, the children are bound to remember the adventures of The Little Prince.

The children also had the opportunity to make a book of their own at the Book Making station. With papers, thread and a needle (and with the supervision of helpful volunteers), the children bound their DIY notebooks with the guidance of Pooja Makhijani, one of the contributors for the blog Sassy Mama.

After a day filled with stories and food, the children headed home with their handmade notebook, beautifully-crafted pictures, and goodie bags.

“Will there be another workshop like this one?” asked one of the children. We sure hope so, little one!

Programmes by NBDCS

17 April 2015

Jurong West Public Library

This time, we were joined by 31 children from Jurong Primary School (to the delight of one of the Book Council staff – who shall remain anonymous, and who was a graduate from that school!).

Facilitator Janet George led the children through an interactive Read Aloud session, after which they had a chance to tell their own stories. They transformed picture cut-outs into paper puppets and storyboards, taking turns to describe the interesting and at times, funny, backstories of the characters they were holding.

At the illustration station, local illustrator, David Liew, made drawing easy, showing the children how to draw themselves. How fortunate we were to have a peek at the level of creativity bursting from the children as they personalised little caricatures of themselves!

Three breakout sessions, a Library Tour and one yummy tea break later, the children were ready to go home, heads filled with library codes, a bagful of books and notebooks (gifted by the National Library Board and POPULAR), and an understanding that they, too, can create stories.

Farewell for now, children, we will see you again for more fun activities. 'Til then, keep reading! 

Programmes by NBDCS

6 February 2015

Geylang East Public Library

Let’s Read Together #1

On 6 February 2015, 22 students from Eunos Primary School joined us for the very first Let's Read Together session at Geylang East Public Library! 

The day began with a warm welcome from our volunteer emcee Rheyza Lyn Medel, who made the children feel at home. The children were treated to a storytelling session by experienced trainer Janet George, during the activity, Reading and Read Aloud Skills. With the children hooked onto the story, they were divided into the red, yellow and blue groups for different breakout activities.

At one station, the children delved into vocabulary exercises conducted by Janet George. At another station, David Liew - illustrator, sculptor, confectioner and prop-maker - taught the children how to draw characters of their own. During the Library Tour, the librarians also chipped in to guide the children on an adventure around the library, and the children learnt to borrow and hunt for books around the library.

Of course, a successful event wouldn’t be possible without generous volunteers contributing their time as mother hens (and roosters, for that matter), mingling with the children and getting them interested in books.

Eventually, the day came to an end, but not without presents! Prizes were given to those who could tell Rheyza what they learnt that afternoon. The children received goodie bags with storybooks to bring home and notebooks to pen their own stories in.

As the bus turned away from Geylang East Public Library, we can’t help but feel excited to see these children again in July to continue our reading journey.

Books and notebooks were donated by the National Library Board and POPULAR respectively.