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A designer who is versed in the ins and outs of book design, from margins and fonts, to covers and spines.

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Book Designer, Illustrator
English, Chinese, Fiction, Non-fiction, Children’s, Young Adult

Aki is currently a corporate graphic designer focused on editorial design, brand management, and infographics. She also has a background in animation, illustration, and digital painting.

She was layout artist and co-illustrator for the book Wide Asleep Sound Awake by Shane Yan, published at the end of 2013.

Book Designer, Illustrator
English, Chinese, Children’s

Seesaw is a dreamer and a curious person. He loves to illustrate and doodle because it helps him to express his inner thoughts better than using words. He believes that there should not be any rules on expressing ideas or thoughts, and it is important to enjoy, learn, and have fun while creating.

Book Designer, Illustrator, Publisher
English, Fiction, Non-fiction

Award-winning specialist book designer and director of Palimpsest, Shenton has produced quality work for mainstream and niche publishers, corporates and private individuals, in South Africa, the UK and US. His classic design approach, and extensive knowledge of print production ensure covetable books, art catalogues and journals of exceptional quality.

Book Designer
English, Chinese, Fiction, Non-fiction

Veron Lien studied Graphic Design in England and graduated from Central Saint Martins with a Master's degree in Design Studies. Upon graduation, Veron immersed herself in creative circles and was based in England and Germany. She has vast experience and exposure during her 11 years in Europe. Her design dna is distinctively simple and stylish.

Natalie Christian Tan

Book Designer, Illustrator
English, Chinese, Others, Children’s, Religion

Natalie is an illustrator, graphic designer and occasional writer from Singapore. She graduated from Yale-NUS College in 2017 with a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Arts and Humanities. Her work has been featured in publications by Harvard University Press, SGInnovate, the Canadian High Commission, and NUS Press. She dedicates her profession to elevating untold stories in Singapore and has a keen interest in the intersection of cultures in an increasingly complex world.

Book Designer
English, Malay, Fiction, Non-fiction

Sarah is a Singapore based freelance designer with experience in Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator. She layouts material for print and epub. As a writer herself, she can advise writers what is best for their design. For samples, you may check under services on her website at

Book Designer, Writer, Editor, Translator
English, Chinese, Fiction, Non-fiction

Original Studio is a young multidisciplinary creative studio that specialises in film and print. We believe in the power of ideas – a good idea is the basic unit of a good final product. We also run Encounters 《邂逅》, an independent bilingual magazine that is sold locally and in independent bookstores in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Malaysia.

Original studion has participated in Beijing Design Week (2014), Singapore Design Week (2014), Singapore Art Book Fair (2013), Archifest (2013), and Tokyo Art Book Fair (2012), and exhibited at the Singapore Art Museum 8Q, The Apprenticeship Programme Exhibition (2013).

Book Designer, Writer, Illustrator
English, Children’s

Tiffany Lim has written and illustrated the Marshall Cavendish-published series, "The April Fool's Apprentice". 

She was a lead writer and assistant producer for “Secrets of the Swamp” (2016), a Mediacorp broadcasted telemovie, and the lead scriptwriter for Singapore Fashion Runway's finale film (2015). 

She was an executive producer on the “Gate Seekers” (2017), and worked with an international team to produce its animated pilot. She has also worked with international speaker and trainer Joel Bauer (USA), the National Library Board, 8nalytics Pte Ltd, Mojo Studio.

Book Designer, Illustrator
English, Chinese, Non-fiction

Wu Ping graduated from a Visual Communication Course, with the design background and interest in drawing since young. She is now a grahic designer and a freelance painter focused in watercolour paintings, especially portraits paintings. Human faces always intrigue her.