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Abigail Lim Chia Khim Hoon

English, Malay, Non-fiction, Children’s, Young Adult

Hi, I'm ABI.

I am a zookeeper at the Singapore River Safari working with amazing animals in gorgeous nature. I am also a home-based illustrator focusing on the beauty and fragility of both Earth's animals and nature. Specializing in watercolour and graphic designing; hard-working, detail-oriented, friendly and approachable with a heart to learn and the ability to work well with others.

English, Chinese, Malay, Non-fiction, Children’s

Types of Published Books: English academic and children’s books

English, Malay, Others, Children’s

A mother of 3 teenage girls, aged 17, 16 and 12.  An experienced early childhood educator.  Won a merit award in the Mother Tongue Pre School Malay Language Teacher Award year 2014.  The only Singaporean writer involved in ‘Project 100 buku’ organized by Karangkraf, Malaysia.

Has since, published 2 children picture books, ‘Mana Ulat?’ and ‘Aduh! Sakitnya’

English, Malay

Librarian by profession but would like to try translation work especially from Malay to English.

Malay, Fiction, Poetry

Isa Kamari graduated with B.Arch (Hons) from the National University of Singapore (1998), and M.Phil in Malay Letters from the Unviersiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (2008). He is currently Manager, Architecture with the Land Transport Authority, Singapore.

He has written seven novels in Malay: Satu Bumi, Kiswah, Tawassul, Menara, Atas Nama Cinta, Memeluk Gerhana and Rawa. Three were translated into English: One Earth (Satu Bumi), Intercession (Tawassul) and Nadra (Atas Nama Cinta). He also published two collections of poems, Sumur Usia and Munajat Sukma, a collection of short stories, Ketsa Minda and a collection of theatre scripts, Pintu. Isa also writes song lyrics and scripts for television drama serials and documentaries. 

Isa was conferred the S.E.A Write Award (2006), the Cultural Medallion, the highest Arts Awards in Singaproe (2007), and the Anugerah Tun Seri Lanang, the highest Malay Literary Award in Singapore (2009).

M S Shri Lakshmi, PhD

Writer, Editor, Translator, Publisher
Malay, Tamil, Non-fiction

Dr Lakshmi has authored 24 books and numerous research papers in Tamil Literature with special reference to the Tamil literature of Malaysia  and Singapore. Dr Lakshmi  is regarded  as an authority in the field with the extensive research she has carried out .She is passionate about publishing her research to reach a wider readership in order to stimulate greater interest in Tamil literature. She is the recipient of numerous  of awards in Tamil literature. In addition, she has given local flavour to Tamil literature by translating Malay stories into Tamil  for the National Library Board‘s Read Singapore Programme. 

English, Malay, Non-fiction

Mohamad Isa worked as a broadcast journalist for the Malay News & Current Affairs Dept at Mediacorp (1999-2007). He is currently working as a simultaneous interpreter since 2007.

English, Malay, Fiction, Non-fiction, Religion

Publishing, Library Suppliers & Typesetting services for English, Malay, Arabic, and Jawi script in Fiction, Non-Fiction, and Religion-Islam.

Radhiah Anis

Writer, Illustrator
English, Malay, Fiction, Non-fiction, Children’s

Radhiah Anis is an illustrator, writer and graphic designer. She graduated from The Glasgow School of Art (SG) in 2018 with a degree in Communication Design. Her work explores the various methods of visual storytelling across a multitude of subjects. Approaching every project with endless curiosity and experimentation, she also uses her past experience studying Film as inspiration for her creative work and she is experimenting with ways of collaborating illustration with other creative forms in both 2D and 3D, visual and written. Do drop her an email for collaboration!

Book Designer
English, Malay, Fiction, Non-fiction

Sarah is a Singapore based freelance designer with experience in Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator. She layouts material for print and epub. As a writer herself, she can advise writers what is best for their design. For samples, you may check under services on her website at

English, Malay, Non-fiction, Business

Shaiful has seven years of experience communicating messages for the public sector. He has crafted and vetted translations (English-Malay) for print, broadcast, and online media, inlcuding assets like campaign copy and video subtitles. He hopes to gain experience in translation work generally and to hone the accuracy of his translations.