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Abigail Lim Chia Khim Hoon

English, Malay, Non-fiction, Children’s, Young Adult

Hi, I'm ABI.

I am a zookeeper at the Singapore River Safari working with amazing animals in gorgeous nature. I am also a home-based illustrator focusing on the beauty and fragility of both Earth's animals and nature. Specializing in watercolour and graphic designing; hard-working, detail-oriented, friendly and approachable with a heart to learn and the ability to work well with others.

Writer, Editor
English, Fiction, Non-fiction, Children’s, Young Adult

AJ Low is the husband-and-wife team of Adan Jimenez and Felicia Low-Jimenez. Born in California to Mexican immigrant parents, Adan became an immigrant himself when he moved to Singapore. Felicia was born and raised in Singapore where she spent most of her childhood with her head in the clouds and her nose buried in a book. Together, they write the Sherlock Sam children's series, and lots of short stories featuring robots, ninjas, cowboys, superheroes, and sofas. Separately, they write reviews, microfiction, short stories, and various other things, plus occasionally edit as well.

Book Designer, Illustrator
English, Chinese, Fiction, Non-fiction, Children’s, Young Adult

Aki is currently a corporate graphic designer focused on editorial design, brand management, and infographics. She also has a background in animation, illustration, and digital painting.

She was layout artist and co-illustrator for the book Wide Asleep Sound Awake by Shane Yan, published at the end of 2013.

English, Chinese, Fiction, Non-fiction, Children’s, Young Adult, Magazines

With a love for entertainment that began when he was a kid watching Saturday morning cartoons, Brandon pursues his interests in the form of paintings and drawings. Some of the projects he has been involved in are Marvel’s Superhero Squad, Free Realms, many other games and publications.

English, Children’s, Young Adult

Bubbly Books is a small children's publishing company. We create entertaining and fun books that children can't help but love to read.

We hope that our books will open the door to the world of fiction, instill a passion for reading at an early age, and encourage children to let their imaginations soar.

Most of our books are set in Singapore, or have a strong Asian flavour, tapping into the deep cultural traditions of the region. We believe that even the simplest stories can bridge cultural gaps, and help us see those different from us in a btetter light.

English, Others, Fiction, Non-fiction, Poetry, Children’s, Young Adult, Magazines

I am the CEO of Bookworm Translations and have spent the last 10 years translating various marketing and literary texts such as: books, brochures, websites, blogs, newsletters, art descriptions and loan agreements.  My agency also has over 1,000 freelance translators who speak over 50 languages. I have a Masters in Translation & Interpreting and a Diploma in Translation from the Institute of Linguists.

English, Fiction, Non-fiction, Children’s, Young Adult

An independent publisher based in Singapore, Epigram Books is known for putting together well-designed and thought-provoking titles. It began as a division of the multiple award-winning communications design firm Epigram but registered as a separate entity in July 2011 to champion Singaporean literature. 

It is best known for the middle grade series, The Diary of Amos Lee, which has sold over 240,000 copies worldwide. Other landmark publications include translations of Cultural Medallion winners and new editions of out-of-print classic Singaporean novels.

Ministry of Moral Panic, a debut short story collection written by Amanda Lee Koe and published by Epigram Books, won the 2014 Singapore Literature Prize for English Fiction. 

English, Fiction, Children’s, Young Adult

Leach is an artist and illustrator. In an illustration scene dominated by digital work, she specializes in handdrawn art, including watercolor and pen & ink. Completely self-taught, Leach has a depth and breadth that spans from simple drawings to intricate line art, realistic representation to abstract expression, portraits to landscapes.

Chinese, Fiction, Non-fiction, Poetry, Children’s, Young Adult

Lingzi Media is a publishing and distribution company established with the aim of promoting the Chinese language in Singapore. In the past twenty years, Lingzi has worked with writers and educational institutions to produce a wide range of literary and non-fiction titles, and it has developed into a leading company in the fields of publishing, culture and education in Singapore.

In recent years, Lingzi Media has sought out international content that is suitable for the Singapore market, particularly books for children and young adults, either through co-publishing or rights acquisition.

English, Others, Fiction, Non-fiction, Children’s, Young Adult

I work with some International Publishing Houses, such as Usborne Publishing, Moses Verlag, AD Publishing Services, Kidslabel Japan, Steiner Korea, Glenndoman Korea, Scholastic, etc. Since 1989 I have collaborated with some great Advertising Agencies and I have done illustrations for national and international advertising campaigns on behalf of customers such as Citroen, Zurigo Assurances, IP, Cirio, Eldammer, Michelin, Sodexo, Plasmon, Bulgari, Triumph and Volvo. In 2001, I opened the School of Illustration in Turin and Milan (Italy). I can work in French and Italian as well.

English, Chinese, Fiction, Non-fiction, Children’s, Young Adult

Ming is a self-taught illustrator and artist. With a quantitative background, his illustrations are rich in detail, meticulously pieced together. Blending the surreal and real, he brings a touch of magic to everyday Singapore life in his pieces.

Rachel Tan-Hwee

English, Chinese, Fiction, Non-fiction, Children’s, Young Adult

Rachel Tan-Hwee is an Illustrator and Designer who's had years of experience in all sorts of fields in the art industry, and can work in a variety of art styles and mediums! Her goal is to illustrate and publish picture books full-time, and she’s always looking for opportunities to produce more creative work!

English, Fiction, Non-fiction, Children’s, Young Adult

Sara Chong is a painter and illustrator from Singapore. Her work appears in books, digital, board and trading card games with clients that range from local writers like Zed Yeo to international agencies such as Universal Studios Japan, and Polygon Pictures. Her style swings between dark surrealism and fluffy fun. She started with a BFA in Digital Animation, but eventually delved into 3 years of classical painting at the Florence Academy of Art in search of the bridge between reality and imagination. She hopes to collect and share a quilt of stories with characters real and imagined to celebrate the complex beast called Life.

English, Others, Fiction, Young Adult

Stephanie Charamnac has worked for major book publishers in New York and London, including Scholastic and Macmillan. She provides a range of editorial services in both English and French, from structural editing to proofreading. Stephanie specializes in editing fiction, with a particular focus on YA fiction.

English, Chinese, Fiction, Non-fiction, Children’s, Young Adult

Hui Shan is a fresh graduate from Nanyang Technological University’s School of Art, Design and Media. She specialises in 3D animation such as lighting, rendering and animation. Despite majoring in Digital Animation, Hui Shan is also well-trained in other forms of Fine Arts such as watercolour and coloured pencils.

She also does photography during her free time. She was the photographer for major events during her time in Tampines Junior College.

Some of her works were showcased in an exhibition organised by Damai Secondary School which was held in School of the Arts (SOTA)’s gallery. She also designed and painted a wall mural in Damai Secondary School.

English, Chinese, Children’s, Young Adult

More than 10 years experience in Multimedia Design and Illustration. Worked for many local and abroad customers. Please feel free to contact me if you need illustration or website/graphic  design services.

English, Fiction, Young Adult

Zed Yeo writes fiction. He wrote Unapologetically Insane Tales, which as you might have guessed, is not a book about tennis. He is the first Singaporean to successfully crowdfund a fiction book and has been featured on social media platforms such as NUS’s blog and Singapore Makers. He has written and edited several book reviews for various publications and is an expert storyteller. He enjoys giving talks on writing and storytelling to schools and organisations. He has a degree in philosophy. Currently, he is working on books for children and young adults.