Get up close and personal with the SLP 2020 shortlisted writers! Leading up to the Awards Ceremony, we will be featuring the writers in a series of online #athomewithSLP panel discussions.

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Platform: SBC Facebook Livestream

4 Aug (Tues)

8pm – 9.30pm

What is the role of writers in the pandemic?

The pandemic has forced many of us into deep reflection, and there has been much discussion about the role of the arts during this time. What is the role of writers during a crisis? How can books and literature help us through all the disruptions?

6 Aug (Thurs)

8pm – 9.30pm

Home: Belonging and estrangement

Why are writers obsessed with the theme of home? Vexing, heartwarming, frustrating, proud. How do they work through their often contradictory feelings about home in their own works?

11 Aug (Tues)

8pm – 9.30pm

The Pen and the Past

History is another popular trope in SingLit. What motivates writers to excavate the past and what do they hope to find? These writers will share about the challenges and satisfaction of revisiting the past.

13 Aug (Thurs)

8pm – 9.30pm

Stories in the time of Coronavirus

We are living in strange, unsettling times now. These writers have turned to fantasy, realism, or even mythology to tackle the anxieties of urban living. How are they processing reality now to make sense of it?

18 Aug (Tues)

8pm – 9.30pm

Lingua Singapura

Has SingLit developed a distinctive voice and language of its own over the years? What does it mean to have Singaporean literature that reflects our increasingly multicultural world? These writers share their perspectives.

20 Aug (Thurs)

8pm – 9.30pm

Diversity in SingLit: What more can be done?

Is there enough diversity in SingLit? How do we have more different voices and perspectives included in our books? This panel of writers explores some of the ways.


David Wong Hsien Ming

David Wong

David Wong Hsien Ming discovered poetry as a child at a Sunday lunch. His work explores the dualities and contradictions of being, and has appeared in publications like Quarterly Literary Review Singapore and Mascara Literary Review. His first collection, For the End Comes Reaching (2015) is a meditation on the sense of loss that accompanies each having.

Oniatta Effendi

Oniatta Effendi

Oniatta Effendi is an educator turned ethno-fashion entrepreneur who finds pleasure in sourcing for traditional textiles. Dedicated to revive batik by reinventing the way it is worn and appreciated, she started her own boutique in 2019, Galeri Tokokita, that houses her clothing line, Baju by Oniatta.



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